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Anne Browning DISC IIC

Anne Browning is a Certified Trainer, Coach and DISC Trainer has been coaching, consulting and counseling for over 25 years. She is versed in and has a certificate in Happiness Coaching (based on Positive Psychology) developed by Sean Archer and used by Fortune 500 companies for team building, executive development and increased productivity. In addition, Anne has training in and has developed specific Brain Techniques for goal setting, problem-solving and relationship building.  Anne’s written and developed numerous workshops and programs with an emphasis on growth.

A published author, she brings a variety of protocols, procedures, and methods to her work assuring clients long-term success.  Her success rate with 1:1 coaching is at 90%; (based on short-term results and long-term satisfaction surveys). For those who complete six (6) months of coaching the success rate is 98%. Ms. Browning includes before and after stats for all clients and groups.

Preferring a mix of didactic and experiential learning techniques, Anne Browning has a variety of modalities she draws on to assure adult learning and long lasting change. Her philosophy in life and business is, “There is always a way.”  She can train and coach groups and/or individual and is certified in DISC and is able to administer assessments to individuals and groups. Her DISC classes may be scheduled as a 1:1 assessment and follow up or powerful group training.  Anne thrives on problem solving and short-term laser based coaching.

Education & Certifications


  • College of DuPage: Certified and LLicensedCounselor of Addictions
  • Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist through T. Gorski
  • Master Certified Professional Life Coach through Institute for Integartive Coaching by Debbie Ford through JFK University
  • Master Certified Trainer & Presentor (I.I. C.) Certified Train the Trainer (T. Harv Ecker
  • Certified Relationship Coach (I.I.C.)
  • Certified Facilitator New Choices (through ASU)
  • Certified D.I.S.C. (DISCcert Inc) Trainer
Coaching Specialities

Performance Improvement



All testimonials: Performance Improvement

I have been truly inspired by our coaching sessions and have shared a little bit about them with a friend who I am referring to you.   California Licensed Esthetician and ITEC Beauty Specialist  Consultant, Educator, and Writer for the Esthetic Industry
Los Angeles, California

I would endorse Anne Browning. She assures your success. And exceeds your expectations. Won’t stop until the Job is Done. Founding Director Non Profit San Diego, CA

Thank you for time in supporting us in resolving this issue.  I look forward to the mediation meeting on Thursday and your report of resolution. Executive Director  FCCP

All in all I am doing fantastic.  I feel so much energy for life, my spirit and my direction.  I know we can accomplish incredible things together.  I am determined to make a difference for myself and others.  I wanted to tell you that this year I have made the most amount of money ever in my life!!!!  Physical Therapist  Globe, Az

Just got some very exciting news this morning, QVC called and left us a message asking for samples.  We were not supposed to be notified of their interest until Dec 1st so I see this as a great sign!  Entrepreneur  Sedona, Az

It was lovely to meet you and delve further into the ways I can improve my communication skills. Thank you for the facilitation and feedback.  I look forward to talking with you soon.  Managing Director  FCCP

Individual Coaching Rates

Individual Sessions.  One-hour sessions.  On average, 6-8 sessions total.  Coaching is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the goals & objectives of the agreement between the coach and client.    

First Session                 on-site $390.00           Via phone or video $292.50

All other Sessions       on-site $375.00           Via phone or video $281.25



DISC Assessment: DISC is a behavior assessment tool which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. The best use of DISC is to learn more about oneself, others and how to deal with situations where interpersonal relationships are involved. Some more specific versions of the DISC assessment will help understand how one person would likely react in a specific team, management or leadership situation, given her or his DISC style. The assessment has been used to determine one’s leadership skills. There are different leadership methods and styles that coincide with each personality type, which could help leaders be more effective.

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