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Becky Lunders

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Becky Lunders
Becky has been helping people become leaders most of her life.  At a young age, she was involved in school leadership and sports.  While at the University of Washington, she held several leadership roles both in her sorority and through the university’s athletic department. This taught her the valuable skills of how to be a good teammate, how to embrace leadership roles, and how people working together can accomplish great things.  Becky got involved in training when she worked for the American Cancer Society helping to build the Relay For Life program for California. She saw how generating buy-in from my team produced amazing results.   She did this through training, coaching and motivating my people.

For the past ten years, Becky has been working as a consultant and trainer for her company, teamWorks.  She’s been able to work with organizations across the country on building an organizational culture that motives, inspires, and produces results.  Her training is engaging, interactive and always have an element of fun.  Becky’s goal is always to provide an experience that helps people connect with each other, gives them key objectives to apply when they get back to their desk, and understand not only the what, but the how and why of a given topic.

Education & Certifications

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington BA in Broadcast Journalism
Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course Graduate, Graduate Assistant Instructor
Teach From Anywhere, Online Video Training Instructor
Los Rios Community College District, Contract Trainer for California Department of Human Resources

Coaching Specializations
Performance Improvement

Organizational Development & Change Management

Thanks! I just wanted to tell you I just came from my corporate meeting.. We have met with them once already but didn’t get much support. However today I walked away with a corporate connection that will help cover registration fees through the company. They have also welcomed us in the do lunch waves with programs the company funds. They also have invited us to do a national call to develop this partnership in all major markets they have offices in.. It was a perfect trifecta of all the major points you have coached me on. So my point is I am taking everything you have taught me into my meetings and are generating such great responses.  So thank you and I look forward to having our next call!!! – Jenn    Executive Coaching 

You are such an effective facilitator – your “calm enthusiasm” was the perfect facilitation style for our group.  Thank you for being so calm and confident, yet enthusiastic about our work and future opportunities.”      – American Lung Association, California leadership      Trainer

“You do a great job facilitating and using stories, examples and exercises to make the concepts more real! Nice work! Thanks again, and looking forward to the impact you will have over the next year, and beyond.”    – Mothers Against Drunk Driving leadership.      Trainer

“You did a fantastic job today with the DogFest Chairs. Of all our calls so far, this was the first where I felt the magic beginning to sparkle. In our outer world, I mean. It’s been sparkling in here from day one, thanks to your experience, creativity, and enthusiasm. We’re glad you’re on our team!”    – Canine Companions for Independence leadership          Trainer

“After attending Becky’s workshop, it was obvious that we could do much better.  The exercises helped me gain a better understanding of what it really takes to recruit, retain and recognize our volunteers, and how to make our efforts more effective in the ever-increasing culture shift from a staff driven to a staff managed, volunteer driven organization.”   Nonprofit Resource Center workshop attendee             Trainer 


Supervision and Management Essentials: This workshop focuses on building effective management and supervisory skills to help you and your organization succeed; even in challenging economic times. Topics covered: the role of the supervisor, management concepts, and functions, communication, building relationships and managing conflict, leadership styles, leading change, training, managing diversity and performance management.

Essential Negotiation Skills:  We spend much of our day negotiating; sometimes with success; sometimes, not so much. However, we know the ability to negotiate well can make a positive and lasting impact on all parties involved. This dynamic workshop focuses on concepts to make negotiating less intimidating and more productive. We’ll discuss the negotiation process and techniques for being efficient and will dive into the importance of reading the situation and responding accordingly.

Communicate Effectively:  Excellent communication skills are vital to the success of any relationship. This workshop examines the good, bad and ugly of office communique.  We’ll discuss how to use your, “Emotional Intelligence” to express yourself in a way which reduces conflict and misunderstanding; and will share tips you can use for face-to-face, phone, email and text communication.

Generations Working Together:  Today’s multi-generational workplace provides opportunities and challenges.  This workshop explores each generation’s unique contributions and how each affects the office environment. Together, we’ll work through the problems of generations and will find methods to create respectful, cohesive teams.

Manage Your Time:  Managing your time in this high-tech world can be a challenge.  This workshop concentrates on how to utilize technology to maximize productivity.  We’ll explore time “zappers” and how to manage them, and will discuss the importance of taking control of your day to make work hours productive and useful.

Present & Facilitate like a Pro:  The confidence to speak in front of a group of people is a highly valuable skill.  This workshop aims to help employees address their fears of public speaking, and gives them the tools to get comfortable being in the spotlight.  We’ll explore the difference between presenting and facilitating and ways they can become proficient at both.


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