Performance Management Coaching

Performance coaching can help identify an employee’s growth, as well as help plan and develop new skills.

Career Management Coaching

Career Management coaching helps people to evaluate, re configure and navigate their work situation to achieve greater levels of congruency and success. The process involves evaluation of skills and aptitudes, personality preferences, values, interests, and aspirations to clarify career direction, goals and objectives. Coaching helps people to increase self-awareness, navigate workplace dynamics and negotiate change. It can make a real difference to job satisfaction and performance.

Organizational Development & Change Management Coaching

The intention of coaching in change management is to help people work through the implications of the change themselves, without telling them what to do. This helps them create the change for themselves, and thus become co-creators of the change. People are more likely to support what they themselves create.

Executive Management Coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at improving the performance of high powered executives within an agency or organization. Executive coaching is similar to sports coaching for high-performance athletes. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.

What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching – Working with multiple individuals simultaneously, we bring the coaching conversation into a more intimate setting, allowing focus on key issues born out of the collective wisdom of the group. Through this process, participants are given the opportunity to reflect and integrate their insights.  This is a high-impact means for those looking to develop effective leadership skills.

What is Individual Coaching?

Individual Coaching – is designed to help you achieve your most important career and life goals.  The coaching relationship is collaborative, action-oriented, supportive and its focus is on you — what you want in the professional and personal aspects of your life and how you can attain it.   Individual coaching provides ongoing support, structure, encouragement and non-judgmental accountability.  Your relationship with your coach is unique and confidential.

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