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Freddie Silveria

Trainer & Professional Speaker

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Freddie Silveria
Freddie works with over 10,000 youth and professionals each year on culture and leadership across US and Canada. He facilitates for Learning for Living’s school culture program “Breaking Down the Walls” and is a facilitator for Dale Carnegie Training.
Freddie founded Freddie Speaks in 2014. As an assembly speaker, workshop facilitator, and skilled trainer, he works towards connecting schools and organizations. With a background in auctioneering, his approach is sure to be engaging, energetic, and entertaining! Clients include: SAFE Credit Union, Meeting Planners Institute, Project Managers Institute, United Way California Capital Region, Alliance for HOPE International, Antelope High School, Whitney High School, Oakmont High School, and more. In 2016, he was awarded “Alum of the Decade” from Saint Mary’s College for his commitment to making a positive transformational change in schools and organizations.
Prior to a career in professional speaking and training, Freddie was a #1 ranked Account Sales Manager for PepsiCo. He earned top sales out of 32, dozens of awards, produced nearly $4 million in annual sales and grew market share by 134%. His professional working experience, extensive training around culture, and millennial concentration allow him to relate and connect across generations.
Freddie is passionate about youth development, culture, and leadership. His goal is for people to walk away connected and with the tools to apply positive change.
Education & Certifications
BA Communication, Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA.
Leadership & Public Policy, Leon Panetta Institute, Monterey, CA.
Leadership Training for Managers, Dale Carnegie Training, Sacramento, CA.
High Impact Presentations, Dale Carnegie Training, Sacramento, CA.
Effective Communications & Human Relations Success, Dale Carnegie Training, Sacramento, CA.
Sales Professional, Dale Carnegie Training, Sacramento, CA.
Available Training
“Who Are You Being?” Culture starts with building relationships. Before that who are you being? Freddie facilitates self-reflecting exercises then moves us into group team building activities and finally allows others to build each other up with recognition and appreciation activity. Know yourself and play to your strengths. Freddie shares a five step process to be your best self through “the vowels of leaderships.”

“The Together Flow.” Relationships foster by listening. Maybe you’ve studied Patrick Lencioni as he refers to teamwork. This workshop is all about how your team will work better together. Team building exercises, coerced with communication skill activities, and small/large group discussions we uncover things we didn’t know about each other and strengthened relationships resulting in increased productivity.

“Servant Leadership.” Leadership training for managers. When we flip the triangle upside down, we realize there are managers, and there are influencers. How can you be the latter? How can you be better and have people that desire to work with you? Freddie gives us seven keys to create experiences that generate beliefs about the culture the produce actions and get results.

“The 3 C’s: Skills to Success.” Harry Beckwith wrote a book titled, “You Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself.” This book outlines many of the principles we will practice and see who to apply in our careers and life. We start with feelings. How to master how you make others feel. People buy and pay more for the way you make them feel. Be approachable, authentic, and vulnerable. This workshop will challenge you!

Youth Programs
School Assemblies

Back to School, Spirit Week, and special events. Freddie connects, relates, and engages. Freddie has spoken on unity, acceptance, attitude, commitment, kindness, respect, campus to career/life, and overcoming challenges. He is approachable, and students instantly feel that he cares because he does! Included: Freddie comes to your school at least a week before the visit and learns about your students, staff, and climate. (Typically) 18-60 minutes and can be divided into two assemblies per day.

Leadership Summit

Imagine what would happen if 200 student leaders across ASB, Athletics, Academics, Performing Arts, & various program heads came together? Captains of the football team, ASB officers, Drama Club President, Band, etc. Everyone together for team building activities, small/large group discussions, and recognition exercises. Students walk away with an awareness of organizations they didn’t know about, new friends from different programs, and ways they can collaborate to make everyone feel included, supported, and appreciated. Ask about the story of Kevin. (Typically) 3 hours, in gym or cafeteria, and beginning of school until lunch time.

Leadership Retreat

A neutral third-party facilitator that leaves students with ownership for the goals they come up with together. Students walk away with stronger bonds, attitude, and commitment. Typically summer, Half or Full Day, & ASB elected officers.

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