Katherine Adraktas

Katherine Adraktas

Instructional Designer / Technical Writer / Trainer

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Katherine Adraktas

I happily coordinate things at Capital Training, which is a consortium of Instructional Designers, Soft-Skills Trainers, ICF Coaches and Technical Writers who support each other and work together to deliver fresh and innovative learning/coaching opportunities to individuals and groups. I manage the business and serve as booking coordinator for team members. What an honor it is to work with such innovative and intelligent coaches, speakers, and trainers! I’m inspired daily by the work they do and the lives they change.

I’ve been in training (more or less) for about 25 years. I enjoy designing training programs and look to reach attendees through humor, gamification, and storytelling. I adore collaborating with other trainers and spend as much time researching and updating curricula as I spend writing new programs. I’m certified by ATD and STC to provide E-Instructional Design services and am looking forward to bringing that skill set to the online marketplace. I work actively as a technical writer, working to make techie material succinctly understandable and relevant. As well, I love the challenge of a good RFP and working with other companies to create new programs and services.

I’m a member of STC (Society for Technical Communication) and ATD (American Society of Talent Development), serving locally on the board as an assistant to the Events Director. I’m on the Board of Directors for Snowline Hospice and an active fundraiser for the Dean Adraktas Fund for ALS TDI.

When I’m not in admin or writer mode, I spend time with friends and family trying new restaurants, reading, listening to swing music, taking day excursions in the Sacramento region and snuggling with my puppies, Charlie Bar & Pepperochini.

Education & Certifications
B.S. English Education   Minot State University – Minot, North Dakota – April 1990

CSUS College of Continuing Education: Certificate in Technical Writing –  Nov 2007

Poynter Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Use Program October 2014

Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing program. – Nov 2014

Project Management Academy PMP Exam Preparation Course 2015

Fundamentals of Training-Train the Trainer-Association of Talent Development 2015

Career Coach Certificate IAP Career College 2017

Event and Meeting Planner Certificate IAP Career College 2017

Human Resources Consultant Certificate IAP Career College June 2017

E- Instructional Design Certificate Program July 2017

Instructional Design for Technical Writer Certificate Program STC  Nov

Katherine has shown a solid commitment to education. She dedicated herself to creating curriculum, special courses and a variety of other projects which have been of tremendous benefit to our school and students.  Ali Inaba YMCA English School

Katherine has been teaching in the area of grammar development and sentence writing, as well as an advanced vocabulary development class. She has been extremely effective in both areas, and, based on the quarterly student evaluation forms by the participants in her classes, she has the respect and admiration of the students who participate in them. One responsibility which she assumed shortly after becoming an adjunct was the rewriting of the grammar and sentence writing class she was teaching. She worked very closely with me, as the Head of the ESL Department, to put together a more effective course, one in which the students would be able to progress with fewer obstacles, and one in which each student could better measure his or her own progress. I was very impressed and gratified by the work she put in to get a better handle in this particular course. She also was instrumental in choosing a more appropriate text for the advanced vocabulary class, another appreciative achievement.  S. Lopez LTCC So. Lake Tahoe

Katherine was an outstanding employee who played a crucial role in the development of our corporate-wide employee training program. Katherine demonstrated excellent managerial and decision-making skills. She was attentive to tasks and worked tirelessly to achieve the goals of the department. She performed her duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner.   Katherine was an innovative self-starter, who rarely required supervision. She was punctual and nearly always exceeded expectations. She handled pressure well and was a very productive leader as the Director of Training. She contributed immensely to our corporation by overseeing the development of core curriculums and providing instructional support which was futuristic in nature. Katherine is also an exceptional co-worker and team player. She strives to make everyone around her successful, and her co-workers admired and respected her. She showed up daily with a positive, “can do” attitude, which allowed her to finish projects on time. I would highly recommend hiring her as a Trainer or Training Manager. She will prove to be a tremendous to any organization that is lucky enough to have her.  Mark Volpe Vice President/COO Telpro Technologies

English, Grammar & Usage

Essential writing skills are critical to the success of any business, agency, and organization. Knowing how to brainstorm, organize, write and edit a document can impact how clients perceive you and your work.  Topics covered include a review of basic grammar, usage errors and corrections, word choice, active vs. passive writing, editing and email etiquette. Attendees will:

  • Have a stronger sense of their writing voice and understand how to self-edit
  • Develop a firm command of correct word usage, how to write with consistent tense and voice.
  • Utilize resources and guides to assist their writing

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