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Michele Tevis ICF PCC
Michele is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with a certificate in Business & Life Coaching from the University of California, Davis Extension.  She has over 30-years of experience leveraging effective coaching methodologies to support team members with a focus on self-improvement and advancement.  Throughout her tenure at Apple Inc., Michele coached, mentored and partnered with all levels of leadership, including senior executives.  As a Professional Certified Coach, Michele enables clients to move forward in their careers and leadership journey by cultivating their emotional intelligence. Using her understanding of tools and assessments, she has the ability to support personal and professional growth while creating strategies for accomplishing specific and attainable goals. Michele builds individualized coaching programs and has expertise in developing curriculum, training, and reporting progress to ensure staff comprehension. Key results of Michele’s coaching engagements include: building self-awareness and clarity, honing leadership skills, enhancing the effectiveness of staff productivity, managing organizational relationships, creating a personal brand, and optimizing networking opportunities.
Education & Certifications

Business Management, University of Phoenix

Project Management Coursework, Sacramento State University

Women in Leadership Training, Apple, Inc.

Leadership Architect Skill Training, Apple, Inc.-Train the Trainer Program

MRP, JIT and MPS, APICs Training


  • ICF Global and Sacramento Member, PCC Coaching for Life and Business
  • Certified, Professional Coaching for Life and Business, UC Davis Extension
  • Go Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, Process Excellence Methodology
Coaching Specializations
  • Building Self-Awareness & Clarity Regarding Emotional Intelligence Skills & Strengths
  • Honing Leadership Skills
  • Staff Coaching
  • Employee Motivation
  • Personnel Development
  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Training Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Operations Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvements
  • Document Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Six Sigma Methodology
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting
“Michele was able to provide the insight and guidance that I was looking for in a professional coach. She constantly presented material that was relevant and allowed me to challenge my current situation in an effort to stimulate ideas and explore opportunities for growth. I was extremely excited to work with Michele as she has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled to other coaches I was looking for.” – Greg S.     Executive coaching

“I have the privilege to share my experience when I worked with coach, Michele Tevis.  Through Michele’s ability to help me uncover and see things I was able to take an honest look at where I was in life but more importantly where I wanted to go. There was no “blame or shame” involved.  It was a pure honest reflection that she guided to help me see things I hadn’t in the past. Michele’s communication is open, gentle, vulnerable and is focused on moving forward and not on harboring issues from the past. Through her guided interview of questions she was able to put me on a path of clarity and peace. I would highly recommend anyone to gain the insight and guidance from Michele Tevis’s amazing coaching ability.” – Sue C.   Career Management Coaching 

“Working with Michele from the first day felt like we had been employed together for years. She has an amazing capacity to understand the core of a challenge and drive to a solution. Over years of working with her, she was a resource that I counted on for mentorship and coaching through many situations. I have seen Michele with others and through questions and coaching allowing them to solve their problems and meet their goals. When not working closely on projects Michele still had the ability to coach at all levels in a formal or informal role to drive the success of the organization.” – Sean C.  Career Management/ Leadership Coaching 

Workshops and Assessments

  • What does your brand say about you?
    • You’ve heard the need to brand yourself, but do you know how? This interactive and thought-provoking workshop discusses how to identify your values and align your brand.  You will leave the workshop with an awareness of your brand, plus some tools to either create or enhance what truly speaks you.


DISC Assessment: DISC is a behavior assessment tool which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. The best use of DISC is to learn more about oneself, others and how to deal with situations where interpersonal relationships are involved. Some more specific versions of the DISC assessment will help understand how one person would likely react in a specific team, management or leadership situation, given her or his DISC style.

Motivators:  The perfect companion assessment to pair with DISC, Motivators measures the Seven Universal Dimensions of Motivation that drive each of us: Aesthetic, Economic, Individualistic, Political, Altruistic, Regulatory and Theoretical. Whereas DISC predicts “How?” a person will behave, Motivators explains “Why?” If you’re only using DISC, you’re only scratching the surface of what assessments can offer individuals and organizations.

Hartman Value Profile:  The Hartman Value Profile offers the critical third piece to the human puzzle. Based upon the research of Robert S. Hartman’s formal axiology, this unique assessment measures each individual’s problem solving skills and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias. In essence, the HVP assessment measures— with uncanny accuracy— an individual’s critical thinking, judgment and decision-making abilities.

Learning Styles:  Learning Styles, does just as its name implies: it identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate information alone, while others prefer to learn in groups. There are those who can grasp information intuitively, while others prefer to follow a strong sequential path. Understanding learning styles offers the key to maximizing an organization’s training efficiencies, enlightening its management teams and even assembling top performing teams.

360 Degree  Feedback:  The 360 Degree Feedback solicits feedback regarding an employee’s behavior from a variety of points of view (subordinate, lateral, and supervisory). Organizations have most commonly utilized 360-degree feedback for developmental purposes, providing it to employees to assist them in developing work skills and behaviors. However, organizations are increasingly using 360-degree feedback in performance evaluations and employment decisions.

Values Assessment: The Values Assessment helps you identify your “Why”.  When you are clear about what your values are, it is easy to understand your drivers and motivations for doing things.  You can actively build your decisions, actions and vision for a better you or a better career or life around them.  Through a facilitated process, you will discover knowing your values can act as your compass to help give direction to what, how and why you do what you do every day.

Career & Life Wheel:  Commonly used by professional life & career coaches, it helps you consider each area of your life or work and assess where you are at.  It helps you identify where you would like to give priority and areas that need more attention. The Wheel is a powerful tool to give you a vivid visual representation of the way your life or work is currently, compared to what you’d ideally like it to be.  Our professionally certified coaches can help you identify gaps in the wheel, and map out action plans to get you where you want or need to be.

Strengthfinders:  StrengthsFinder is based on the idea that everyone has natural talents that can be developed into Strengths. The findings show that everyone has some combination of a list of only 34 basic strengths. The assessment provides a Strengths-Based Leadership Report that reveals the test-taker’s top five areas of strength. Results include information about how test-takers can capitalize on those strengths and improve areas of weakness

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