Volunteer Recruitment

Often the only thing standing between what you WANT to do and what you CAN do is volunteers! Learn how to take your mission and recruit a robust volunteer corps. We’ll start with identifying what you need in the way of volunteers, and then discuss where to find these superstars. We’ll explore ways to use them effectively.  In addition, we’ll talk about how to stop waiting for them to walk through your door and get out in the community and recruit efficiently.

Build Organizational Capacity & Sustainability

Who doesn’t want to raise more money, recruit more volunteers, and make a bigger impact?  Volunteer engagement is the key to organizational sustainability and we plan to help you explore the possibilities.   This workshop explores a philosophy that helps build capacity by mobilizing volunteers. We’ll determine

the impact capacity building has on staff, volunteers, and the organization. We’ll outline the key factors of sustainability and how to enhance them in your operation.  Finally, we’ll define volunteer engagement and explore ways to generate buy-in on all levels.

Volunteer Recognition

People say they don’t care about recognition but research points in a different direction.  Recognition propels enthusiasm.  This session will look at why it’s important.  We’ll discuss ways to integrate it into everything you do.  Moreover, we’ll provide real life examples of what you can do to appreciate your volunteers without a big budget.

Volunteer Retention

Once you get volunteers onboard, you want to retain them.  Existing volunteers can make a substantial impact on every component of the organization.  In order to ensure that happens, we have to do something to retain them.  We’ll tackle the cost of losing volunteers and why it benefits the organization to pay attention to retention.  We’ll discuss ideas to keep volunteers coming back and strategies to get them wanting to do more.

Delegate & Empower & Get out of the way

It’s hard for staff to let go of projects, events or programs for which they are responsible. Ultimately, by delegating meaningful responsibilities to competent volunteers, we can get more done. We’ll explore why delegation is important to organizational sustainability (and what happens if you don’t delegate). We’ll dig into when it’s important to delegate and how to do just that.  It’s the truth – when you get out of the way, more gets done!

Challenging Volunteers

Because people are passionate about your cause, chances are you have a few challenging volunteers. The purpose of this workshop is to identify problematic or difficult volunteers, and share techniques for effective mobilizing them.  We’ll explore sources of conflict and how to best manage it in the world of nonprofits.  We’ll also discuss how to keep your volunteers motivated and moving in a positive direction.

Supervising Volunteers

Supervising volunteers is not much different from supervising employees, except that volunteers are not paid.  In addition, they show up because they want to, not because they have to.  Because staff is still accountable for reaching goals, it is essential that we know what volunteers are working on, and what kind of progress is being made.  Supervised volunteers are successful volunteers.  This workshop provides insight on how to motivate volunteers to do what they do, and do more. We will explore how benchmarks are critical to guide volunteers and ensure the project is on track. We will outline what you can do to hold volunteers accountable and build relationships at the same time.

Succession Planning for Non-Profits

This session will target how the transition of board or committee leadership can positively impact the organization. Heck, why wouldn’t you want to have a career path for your volunteers! When it comes to board leadership, we often get stuck with the same people in the same positions year after year.  While they may be great in their role, there is a risk of burnout.  In this session, we’ll discuss how to create a succession plan that is strategic when it comes to leadership roles and curbs the chance of burn out.  We’ll also explore how leadership transition can propel current member engagement and ignite fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Leadership Volunteers

This session will explore how volunteer leadership can help drastically build organizational capacity.  The result is a skilled group of volunteers who are primed to expand programs, raise money, and boost fundraising.  The best part is – staff does not have to do it all! Many leadership roles are overwhelming when you take them on by yourself.  In this session, we will identify characteristics of a volunteer leader.  We will examine what makes a good volunteer leader and where you might find them.  Then we will introduce a sub-committee structure that shares the workload and is sustainable over time.

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